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The Published Works of Harold Sherman

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Your Key to Happiness  You Live After Death


Your Key to Happiness (1935)
Thoughts through Space
(with Sir Hubert Wilkins) (1942)
Your Key to Married Happiness
Your Key to Youth Problems 
Your Key to Romance 
You Live After Death
You Can Stop Drinking
Know Your Own Mind 
Adventures in Thinking 
TNT, the Power Within You
(with Claude Bristol; 1957)
How To Turn Failure into Success 
How to Use the Power of Prayer 
How to Make ESP Work for You 
How to Solve Mysteries of Your Mind and Soul
Wonder Healers of the Philippines 
Your Mysterious Powers of ESP 
How to Foresee and Control Your Future 
How to Take Yourself Apart and Put Yourself Back Together Again 
The Harold Sherman ESP Manual
(w/ Ambrose/Olga Worrall; 1972)
Your Power to Heal 
You Can Communicate with the Unseen World 
How to Know What to Believe 
How to Picture What You Want
The Dead Are Alive!


The Green Man (1947) &READ N V PEALE'S COMMENTS
The Green Man Returns
This Way to Heaven
All Aboard for the Moon


Her Supporting Cast (1931)
The Little Black Book (1932)
The Girl From Nantucket (1945)
The Great Man 
Hocus Pocus



Are We Civilized (1934)
The Adventures of Mark Twain (1942) 


Mayfield’s Fighting Five (1926)
Beyond the Dog’s Nose
Get ‘Em Mayfield
Hit by Pitcher 
Block that Kick!
Fight ‘Em Big Three
Bases Full! Ernie Challenges the World 
Over the Line
Don Raider, Trailblazer
Flashing Steel
Hit and Run! 
Hold that Line! 
Flying Steel and Other Hockey Stories 
Batter Up! 
Number Forty Four, and Other Football Stories
Shoot that Ball! And Other Basketball Stories
It’s a Pass!
Slashing Sticks and Other Hockey Stories
Strike Him Out! 
Goal to Go!  
Interference and Other Football Stories
Down the Ice, and Other Winter Sport Stories 
Double Play! And Other Baseball Stories 
Crashing Through! 
Under the Basket, and Other Basketball Stories  
The Tennis Terror, and Other Tennis Stories  (1932)


Cameron McBain, Backwoodsman (with H. Daniel; 1927)
Ding Palmer, Air Detective
The Land of Monsters
Let Freedom Ring! 
Tahara Among the African Tribes 
Tahara: Boy King of the Desert 
Tahara: Boy Mystic of India 
Tahara in the Land of the Yukatan 
Call of the Land