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  Are We Civilized?

Kindle version the Making of Are We Civilized?
"The Making of Are We Civilized?" is now available on Kindle at $4.99. It is  comprised of letters, documents and photos found in Harold Sherman's archives in the Special Collections at the Torreyson Library, University of Central Arkansas at Conway. Complied and Edited by Saskia Raevouri

Harold Sherman in Hollywood


Harold Sherman worked as as writer on two Hollywood films, Are We Civilized? (1934) and The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944). Among Sherman's papers stored at the Torreyson Library at the University of Central Arkansas at Conway, there is voluminous correspondence relating to these two episodes in his life, and both sets provide fascinating glimpses into Hollywood filmmaking history.

Are We Civilized?
Harold and Martha Sherman
were living in New York in 1933 when Sherman was called West to write the screenplay for Are We Civilized?, a "message" film about man's inhumanity to man. Martha stayed behind with their two school-age daughters, and Sherman - in Hollywood for several months - wrote daily letters with minute details describing the writing and filming of the picture as well as social events he attended with well-known figures. Many of the cast and crew went on to greater fame, and others were on the way out from the silent era. Read about it here.  

The Adventures of Mark Twain
In 1941 Sherman, who had written a play, "Mark Twain," and had been granted exclusive dramatic rights by the Twain Estate, was hired by Hollywood producer Jesse L. Lasky to write a treatment for his upcoming film, The Adventures of Mark Twain. Correspondence between Sherman and Lasky, as well as Twain's daughter Clara Clemens Gabrilowtisch, is documented in the eBook, Behind the Screenplay, compiled and edited by Saskia Raevouri. Read more about it here.